hi again from a nice day from my kitchen today with a great recipe Think like you’ll whisk a cake like that right away So easily The materials are also so easy but very different from normal cakes filled with surprise pudding Yes, it will fascinate everyone with its visual they will want the recipe immediately Because I’ve always been like that. I hope you will like this recipe let’s start immediately We start with 4 eggs 4 eggs in my bowl and put a glass of sugar on it mix well until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved
I flapping sugar melt I took the cream consistency one teacup oil I would add milk in a tea cup awesome soft awesome cake going on let’s mix them I will put 2 cups flour on but I’m sifting
You know, cakes are getting softer. More beautiful swelling sifting two and a half tablespoons cocoa 1 packet of vanilla 1 packet of baking powder that’s all we have At low-speed solid materials
mix well our cake is ready This is the size of the cake I gave perfect for a square pyrex
measure beautifully with butter I suggest you with butter and pouring cake mix Its height comes fully and now 180 degrees preheated
in the oven about 30-35 minutes to cook but don’t forget to do toothpick test cake baked and cooled after cooling take an apparatus for making holes with them If it doesn’t happen It doesn’t matter a vegetable or a knife
with the help for the hole Because these custards will enter these holes I don’t throw these cakes
we will use later I take them into a bowl like this you can do as often as you like more often you can also you can also leave cake pieces like me what are we doing now we are preparing the custard 1 liter of milk for the custard 1 glass of sugar 3 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons of wheat or starch
Corn doesn’t matter now a custard stirring constantly
we will bring it to consistency But custard will not be solid it will be a liquid custard custard ready putting a tablespoon of butter putting vanilla in a package additional
smell is more permanent stirring until butter melts I pour the custard directly into the cake I especially want to come to your holes fill up As I said, liquid consistency then solidify we didn’t normal dark like custard such as pudding because I want to the holes fill well I am pouring when it’s hot. The cake gets softer and more beautiful I spread it all over I said we will use pieces of cake Now take a robot like this see they are like sand now this is also put over the light warm custard sprinkling it will wait for one night one night waited in the refrigerator custard is very well and see the custard cake looks great in harmony great flavor while eating to the cake you will be able to enjoy both custard and Cake Both such awesome flavor here is the stuffed cake I hope you like it here. our wonderful cake ready and do and to share the comments with me In this video I met you for the first time from now on to be informed don’t forget to subscribe to my channel subscribe when you subscribe
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in Bye now