This is the Yonanas and Yonanas Elite frozen
dessert maker. These machines are designed to provide a healthy
alternative to ice cream by using frozen fruit. Both of these machines operate the same way. You simply insert frozen fruit in the top
and the sorbet comes out the bottom. The main differences between the two? Well, the Yonanas Elite is designed more for
heavy duty use: parties and things like that. It has a motor that’s about twice as powerful. It’s made of heavier duty materials and it
has a nice chrome finish. But in terms of operation they are very similar. Taking a look inside, but units are very similar. You can see there’s a feeding tube, and then
inside there’s a spinning cone with these little metal blades. behind that there’s a silicon gasket to keep
everything inside and then just a plastic cap to hold it all together. And these parts are all dishwasher safe so
it’s easy to clean. Both of these machines are designed to make
healthy desserts from a wide variety of frozen fruits. However, as the name implies, most of the
recipes are based on bananas because that will give the smoothest, creamiest texture. Make sure the bananas are frozen at least
24 hours, and then cut into half. Allow them to thaw 5-10 minutes and insert
berries in between the banana halves. Always make sure to use bananas that are cheetah
spotted before freezing. Cheetah spots are a sign that the banana is
overripe and the more brown spots, the sweeter the banana. These make for the best Yonanas desserts. Make sure to peel your bananas before freezing
them, and freeze them for at least 24 hours. And then remember, thaw them out for a few
minutes, anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, depending on the temperature. Finally, once you’ve made your Yonanas, stir
it up a bit and that will give you the best soft-serve consistency. Both of these machines are very easy to clean. Just take off the feeding chute after you’re
done and rinse everything with warm water. Best of all, all the parts are dishwasher
safe, so you can also clean them that way. More information about Yonanas is available
at our website, that’s