(upbeat electronic music) – And then the Dixie Chicks walk in. – Yeah, it truly was a walk to remember. (laughing) – That is so funny. – Thank you. – [Pink Haired Woman]
What do you have, Tao? – Um okay, well yeah
let’s ah, read my sketch. Um okay. Exterior: Bassan Home World. Fukuk siswith mutuk. – Balaksteek mafook hygoor. – It’s actually more like
“blaksteek mafook huhgoor.” – Okay. (clears throat) Blaksteek. – [Tao] Nope, blak. – Blak. – Blak. – Braaat. – Blak. Blak. Blak. – Blak. – Did anyone read the pronunciation guide I sent out last week for my sketch? – This? I thought this was a printing error. – No, it’s the phenology chart for the language I created for the sketch. Standard Besseneese. – You made up a language for, what, a three page sketch? – Why don’t we just improvise
gibberish like we always do? (speaking gibberish) (both scatting) – [Tao] Stop that, it’s
just scatting, that’s not– (speaking gibberish) – See, perfect. – [Tao] No, you guys,
that’s almost offensive. – [Ally] It gets the idea across. – [Tao] No it doesn’t. – But it’s made up. – Stop, okay guys, I was tryna do some world building for once. You know, not just
aliens like we usually do for a College Humor sketch. – We do not need a pronunciation guide. Let’s just read this. – Balak steak mafook hygoor. – Fakoo mahag tenak. – No, guys, a native Besseneese would have no idea what you guys
are saying right now. – They are no native Besseneese speakers. – Not yet, not until I raise my child. – Ew, what? – Besseneese first, and then English. – Yeah that’s gonna be great. – That’s gonna be so confusing. – Okay, how about we all just do some Besseneese vocal warm ups. (speaks Besseneese gibberish) – Honk. – Nope, like (speaks Besseneese gibberish) (Besseneese gibberish) (speaks forgein language) – [Tao] That’s Dutch. – [Ally] This is essentially Dutch. – Yeah.
– It’s not Dutch. – This is a clown language
for sad people in the range. – This is Dutch based. – [Tao] It’s way more advanced than Dutch. Mafuk doltok hakuk. – Hakuk.
– Hakuk. – [Tao] Hakuk. – Hot cock?
– Hot cock? – Hot cock?
– Hot cock? – No, hakuk! – The second one you said was food truck, do you know that? You went “hot cock food truck”. – [Tao] Hot cock food truck, it’s hakuk! – Hakuk. – [Tao] Thank you. – Tao you can’t expect
anyone to be familiar with your made up language! – Hey squad, sorry to interrupt. I thought I was hearing a conlang. (jaunty music) That’s a constructed language. Sounded to me like a mix
of Romanian and Japanese. – Yeah! – With glottal stops and uvula plosives? – [Tao] Yes, that’s correct! – Okay great, so maybe
something alone the lines of like, annak yak patak meesak akuk. – Hooka danak banak okok! – Eescanota! (both singing Besseneese gibberish) (jaunty music) – [Both] Canan-ak! (both laughing) – Aw, where’d everyone go? (dramatic music) – I’m Buck Fruckster. – Goober Patoober. – Crazy horny bird watch. (laughing) (laughing) – Hey it’s Tao, if you like College Humor and wanna support us, sign up for Dropout. For the low price of
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