– Stephen, you don’t
have to, you can pass, and then you’re out of the game. Oh my goodness. (dramatic orchestral strings) I’m not gonna lie, I
didn’t think he’d do it. – [Mom] Blake says you
won’t ride the Rocket. – The Rocket? No! – In today’s video, we do the
you won’t do it challenge. But before we get started,
subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up. – [All] Hi, SOTY family! – Today we’re going to
be doing a new challenge! – And it’s called the you
won’t do it challenge! – I bet you won’t do it. – All right, guys, so for
today’s video, we’re gonna be going about our regular
activities for the day, but we are going to be challenging
each other to do things. – If you don’t do it,
you’re out of the game! – The last person standing
at the end of the day wins. – What do we win? – You guys will just have to wait and see. Who’s gonna win? – Me! – Say what? – Let the challenge begin! – What are we doing? – I bet you won’t take us to lunch. – And if you don’t do
it, you’re out. (sings) – Oh boy. – Lucky for you guys, I’m hungry. Let’s go! (children yelling) – [Boy] Bang, bang! – I’m not I wanna take
those guys to lunch. These kids are animals! (children yelling) (upbeat music) – I’m so glad I challenged Dad. Olive Garden’s my favorite! – [Mom] Dad? I guess you are not out of the challenge because you officially bought us lunch. – I’m gonna win. – I’m kind of glad he didn’t
win, ’cause I’m hungry. – All right, so I passed
my part of the challenge, that makes it so it’s my turn
to challenge someone else to see if they won’t do something. And I have just the thing. This is a pepperoncini. It’s a little bit spicy. And I’m gonna think that you won’t eat it. You’re going to? Oh my. – Hey, Jordyn? Can I drink your chocolate milk after? – No, you can’t drink her chocolate milk. The reason I picked Stephen is ’cause his chocolate milk was empty. (slurps) All right. Stephen, you don’t have
to, you can pass, and then you’re out of the game. Oh my goodness. I’m not gonna lie, I
didn’t think he’d do it. – All right guys, so I
know that Stephen just went and he passed his challenge,
and this isn’t a challenge for me but there is one more
in there and I’ve never eaten one of these before. Should I, Stephen? – It’s not that bad. – Stephen was brave, so I can be too. – [Dad] Those are my pepperoncinis. – Ooh. Ooh. Ooh! I think the little ones
are the spicy ones. How did you do that? Look at the feast that we have. So much good food. – I think Dad should
try to eat this tomato. – Don’t do that. Wait, whose turn is it? – It’s mine, and I’m saving
mine for something good. We’re here at Taylor’s
soccer game, and it’s my turn to pick the challenge. So Taylor, you won’t win your soccer game. That means if you don’t win, you’re out. (techno pop music) Guys, the game’s over and
guess what the score was? Two to zero. And Taylor didn’t win. – I lost my game. So I’m out of this challenge. Not fair, Stephen. But I still get a try
to get someone else out. – All right guys, so Taylor
did lose her soccer game but honestly, she played
her little heart out. She tried her hardest. And yes, she is out of
our challenge and it kinda wasn’t fair, so to make it up to her, we are going to Lagoon! That way, she can have fun
here while we try and get everyone else out of this
challenge so I can win. – What’d you just say? – Nothing. – It was almost worth losing
my game to come here to Lagoon. – And remember, I’m
still in the game, guys. – All right guys, it’s my
turn to challenge someone, and I have the best one yet! Jordyn! – What? – [Taylor] You wouldn’t ride
the little kids’ bumper cars. – Yes I would. Little kid bumper cars, Taylor? That’s the best you got? These things, no big deal. I’m a crazy driver. (techno pop music) (sad violin solo) – It’s been a few years that
Stephen hasn’t been able to ride the bumper cars and I know he’s so broken up about it. – He looks so sad. – He’s devastated. (techno pop music) Parker doesn’t get that it’s
called bumper cars at all. – There’s not a whole
lotta bumpin’ going on. (techno pop music) – Blake, you won’t ride this crazy ride. It’s too scary for you. – D’you want to ride the ride? D’you want to ride the ride? I think she’s gonna go. – Blake’s gonna ride it! – Challenge accepted. (techno pop music) – [Mom] You did it, Dad! – She did it.
– She’s brave! – I’m proud of her. – All right guys, so
we are getting a lot of challenges offered, but
no one’s failing them. – Time to step our game up. – Yeah. You were so brave! All right, we have kids
split up between two rides. Flying Tigers. (pop music) And Ladybug Bop! – Best ride here. – That was awesome! She says it’s awesome too. – [Dad] Are you guys ready for this? – [Both] Yeah! – [Dad] Is it your favorite ride? – Yeah!
– Baby! (dad laughs) – [Dad] Stephen, are
you not riding this one ’cause you’re scared of heights, too? – No, not really. – I wonder sometimes. How was it? – Amazing. – Could we have Icees? – I don’t know about that. – All right guys, so it is
Blake’s turn to challenge someone, and we are looking
to eliminate someone because we need to
dwindle these people down. Blake says you won’t ride the Rocket. – The Rocket? (dramatic orchestral strings) Uh, no! I’m out of the challenge. There’s no way I’m gonna do that. – Blake, good job, we
got someone eliminated. Two down, a few more to go. – Six, to be exact. And I’m not going anywhere. – All right guys, even
though I’m out of the game, it doesn’t mean that I
can’t challenge people. Parker, where are you? – We did it. – We should’ve took the ramp, guys. – Parker, you won’t
ride the Haunted House. – Yeah, I will! – I thought she was too scared. – I’m brave, even though it’s creepy. (pop music) – All right guys, they’re all
going to ride the scary ride, and Blake and I are gonna stay off of it. I’m so that they didn’t ask
Blake, too, because I think she’d be too scared to go on there. We still have so many people
that we need to eliminate from this challenge. All right guys, after
waiting in line forever, Parker got a little too scared
for the ride, so guess what? – [Stephen] What? – You’re out of the challenge. (Parker whimpers and then cries) Well guys, Parker is brave
enough to ride the swings. But Stephen is not brave
enough to ride with the girls. (techno pop music) All right guys, we have decided
that we are leaving Lagoon. It is closing soon and
these kids are having too much fun here, they
want to do everything. So this challenge is not
working at an amusement park. – Time to get real difficult. – And eliminate Steve. – Wait! We can’t leave yet! Dad, you won’t win the game. – Like, a carnival game? – Of course! You won’t win. – Well, it looks like
you’ve been challenged before we can go home. – I’m great at these things. – Good luck. – Pop It! – He is totally not gonna win this. All right, everyone’s gonna play Pop It. – All I have to do it pop
balloons with the bean bag. Easy. You ready? (children mumbling) I thought I won ’cause
I popped two balloons. I lost, I get nothing! – He was supposed to
pop all of the balloons. – You’re out of the game. – [Mom] Go ahead and throw ’em, sweetie. (cheering) Oh, so close! – [Dad] I like it. Yeah!
– So close! Come on, baby. – Good job!
– Yeah! – [Dad] You did so good, baby girl. – [Mom] So close! Oh, so close! There’s one. There’s another one. All right, see if you can pop one more. There you go! Woo! (pop music) – Pop it! – [Mom] Ooh, you got one! – Everyone else got a prize except for me. – [Mom] All right, aww. – Aww. (pop music) – Don’t you feel left out? All right guys, I know
that I said that we were leaving Lagoon, but we cannot
leave at all without getting– – Icees!! (giggling) – That is a whole lot of
Icees and they are not tiny. – All right, that’s it for today’s video. – Wait, we didn’t all get eliminated yet! We don’t have a winner! – Oh yeah, I forgot this! (slams) – Yeah, we have way too
many people in our family to do this in one video. – So stay tuned for part two! – Thanks for watching! – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give a big thumbs up. – And see you guys tomorrow, bye! – Someone stole my Icee. (upbeat guitar music)