I am ANN REARDON Today after an overwhelming number of requests
we are making a youtube play button dessert. One of the biggest questions I had from the
twitter dessert was can I use cake for the logo instead of cremeux. So we will use cake
in the middle of this one, which as you can see doesn’t give as sharp a line as you’d
get with using the cremeux but is easier to do. Firstly bake a sponge cake you can use a packet
mix, you can use a recipe that’s on the website howtocookthat.net or you can buy a cake it’s
up to you. Then print out the youtube play button in a size that fits your container.
Cut out the arrow and use it as a guide and to cut lots of triangles of cake from the
sponge cake. Once you’ve cut them you need to trim them
to make them straight on the top and the bottom and to take off the darker coloured cake. I am making more triangles than I need here,
we only have a few people coming over for dessert so I am not going to fill the container
all the way to the top with the mousse, but I am putting the cake to the top so I don’t
have to guess exactly where the mousse will come up to. Line up your triangles of cake and then push
a skewer into the centre to hold them together. Place that cake down the centre of the your
container. Use a knife to push the base of it into the right position. Take some tape and put it over the skewer
and down on each side of the container. Turn the container and repeat that going over in
the opposite direction. That will hold the triangles in the centre of the container where
you need it. I might make another youtube cake later that
is a normal cake but with fondant decorations on the outside representing some of the different
channels. What youtube channels do you think should be on it? big channels small channels
what are your favorites, let me know in the comments. Now you need to put this cake triangles in
the freezer and in the freezer and the reason for that is so when we pour the mousse over
the top it wont soak into the cake. To make our mousse take the frozen or fresh
raspberries and 1/4 cup of water and stew them until the fruit falls apart. Pour all of that through a sieve. And use
the back of your spoon to push through all of that juice. This will take a little while
to do this, just keep going until you are left with a slurry of seeds in the sieve and
all the juice in the bowl. Take two jugs and measure out 300ml in one
and 150 ml in the other. All of the recipe quantities that you need for this are on the
website howtocookthat.net in grams and ounces and cups and everything, i’ll put a link to
that recipe in the description below the video. We will use the 300ml for the mousse and the
150 in the glaze. To make the mousse you will need gelatin,
water, egg yolks and sugar, cornstarch, cream, the raspberry puree that we made earlier,
white chocolate and more cream. Add the cold water to the gelatin and stir
that through until it is smooth and then leave it to absorb the water.
Whisk together the sugar and egg yolks, then add the cornflour into that and mix it in
really well. Place the raspberry puree and cream into a
saucepan and heat that over high heat. Until it starts to boil. Then whisk in the egg yolk
mixture. Then return it to the heat and bring it back
up to the boil. Stir that constantly while it is boiling for at least a minute to allow
it to thicken and it also lets all the starch granules burst so it doesn’t have a floury
flavour to it and so it is clear. Remove it from the heat and stir through the
gelatin. The heat of the raspberry mixture will melt the gelatin. Now pour that through a sieve onto the white
chocolate. The sieve will get out any raspberry seeds that we missed and also any little lumps.
If you had any egg whites in with your yolks the whites cook faster and that would give
you lumps there. You’ll get all of those out because we want our mousse to be completely
smooth in your mouth while you are eating it you don’t want to get a lump of something.
Stir through the melted white chocolate until it is well combined. Now we need to make it a brighter youtube
red. To do that I am adding some liquid red food colouring you can use gel colour if you
have that. Once you are happy with the colour leave that at room temperature to cool down.
We don’t want to put it in the fridge because it will set the gelatin, we just want it to
cool to room temperature so we can fold in the cream without it melting. Once it is cooled. Whip the remaining cream
to soft peaks and then fold it through. Take the cake out of the freezer and pour
the mousse straight into the container. Now the reason we froze the cake is so the mousse
will set on the cake straight away and not soak into it. Put the whole container back
into the freezer and leave it overnight to set. To make the glaze you will need white chocolate,
cream, gelatin, cornflour, sugar, raspberry puree that we made earlier and glucose syrup. Add three tablespoons of puree to the gelatin
and stir it through until smooth. Set that aside and then add three tablespoons
of the puree to the cornflour and mix mix mix that until it has not lumps, then pour
it into the rest of the puree and stir it through. Heat the glucose syrup and sugar with a quarter
of a cup of water until all the sugar is dissolved and it is bubbling and hot like this. Pour in the cream and then you want to bring
that back up to a boil. Now add the cornflour mixture and like I said before you want to
boil that and keep it boiling for a least a minute so that all those starch granules
can burst and it thickens slightly. Remove it from the heat and add the gelatin
and stir until it is dissolved. Pour that through a sieve over the white chocolate.
Stir that white chocolate through and then add some red colouring to brighten it up. That glaze is quite hot if you pour it over
the dessert like that it will just melt the top of the dessert and slide off, that’s not
what you want obviously so we want to cool it to room temperature. For the base of the dessert crush some chocolate
biscuits or cookies, depending where you are in the world. the recipe that I used for this
is on the website but you can use store bought ones if you prefer.
Melt the chocolate, we don’t need it to be tempered just melted is fine for this. Mix your crumbs into the melted chocolate. Then spread it out on some baking paper roughly
making it into a rectangle shape big enough for the dessert to sit on. Top it with another
sheet of baking paper and then use a rolling pin to make it smooth and flat. Check your dessert will fit on top. And then
place it in the fridge to set. Take your frozen dessert and place it in a
sink of hot water. This will melt the outside layer of gelatin on the dessert and make it
easy to get out of the container. Remove the tape and excess cake. Then use
the skewer to pull the dessert out of your container. If it is not coming out easily
then just pop it back in the hot water for a little bit longer and then try again. Use a knife to cut off the excess bit of cake
and then pull the skewer out of the centre. Place some glasses upside down in a container
and rest the dessert on top. The end of the dessert that was at the bottom
of the container is rounded here so we want to trim the other end to match. You might
need to do the same with yours it just depends on the shape of your container. Spoon generous amounts of the glaze over the
top and let it a ll drip down on all the sides. Anything that drips down into the container
can be used again, just scoop it up and store in a ziplock bag in the freezer until you
need it. Leave the glaze to firm up a little and while
you are doing that trim chocolate base to about the right size, we can trim more off
later so make it slightly bigger than you think you need. And then cut it off once you’ve
got the dessert on top. Flip the baking paper over so that you are putting the base onto
the serving platter and peel it off. Using a spatula and a knife to very carefully
lift up the dessert and transfer it onto the base. I suggest you have them very close together
when you are doing that so there is less chance of you dropping it. Then use another knife
to help you ease those out form underneath. Use your knife to trim up the base to just
the right size. Decorate the top of the dessert using chocolate
and push it down into the glaze so it stays in place. To cut your dessert use a large hot knife
and slice all the way through to the base. And you can see the youtube play button in
the middle of each slice. It is not as sharp as I’d like to to be, if I was making it again
I’d probably suggest adding a thin layer plain buttercream around the cake before adding
it into the container, that way you’d get a sharper edge to the logo. Or just use cremeux
like I did in the twitter cake recipe and that would give you a nice smooth finish in
the middle instead of the cake which has a holey texture to it. If you liked this dessert make sure you click
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