>>>If you love celebrating any Holl Gaye at all, you’re going to love “My drunk kitchen the best selling author is joining us now. Good to see you again, Hannah. We’re of the same mind-set, I love celebrating obscure holidays.>>In my new book, I invite us to celebrate and saver the year all year long, not just for the heavy hitters, it is fall and Halloween is around the corner.>>These drinks look cool. I like the one with the pepper. What are we going to dive into here?>>This is my take — I’m a margarita girl, I don’t like bloody merries. You can even put cotton candy in it if you want it to be festive. It will melt and be sweet.>>Look at this, we have muffins with bacon?>>Let me talk to you about>>Talk to me.>>For mental health day, I decided to do a recipe that focuses on the sweet and savory.>>I’m a Libra, hello.>>My fiancee is a Libra.>>With these cupcakes, obviously, you know, your standard sweet cupcakes, these are savory in the dressing is a cream cheese/blue cheese frosting.>>Good.>>You can do a lot of variations on this, you can do a goat cheese frosting.>>You do the bacon with the blue cheese, that’s the move.>>You could do a dill herb frosting with some capers.>>You throw a tomato in there and get this whole deal.>>Somebody feed him. Mario looks hungry. Somebody feed this man.>>Oh, wow! Look at these apples.>>You want to learn a thing or>>Show me.>>If you want to experiment with a cream cheese style frosting, you just add a little — take out your piece of bacon and give it to Mario Lopez. And then you add a little cream cheese here.>>Cheese on top of here. That’s what I’m talking about.>>Mush that all together.>>Is that good?>>I’m good, I can handle this.>>If you want to use a standing mixer, if you’re at home. Or you get in there. You can add dill, any various herbs you want to use.>>You throw that on top of a muffin.>>It’s a corn bread muffin. You’re either going to make your muffin from scratch or make it out of a box. I’m not going to ask either way. You do you.>>You do this, and then go like this.>>He’s a hungry boy.>>No, no, no.>>Is it good?>>It’s my take white poison apple.>>That’s what it looks like.>>I use branches here, you can get branches from any craft store, or from outside.>>What I really like to do is do a deep rich red. The final step, you do a sugary teardrop over the top. It’s more a presentation piece as if the apples came from the SAP of the tree.>>This is easy to make, you can do this stuff. I like it, you can find these recipes on our website, and Hannah’s book, my drunk kitchen holidays, that’s in store October 22nd.>>Hannah, really cute stuff,>>Very cute.>>Look at Evan downing his fun