Hi, my name is Kip and I’m here on behalf
of Expert Village. Today we are making a yule log. We have just finished baking the yule
log in sheet form and now it is time to turn that out onto a dish. You do not want to use
a terry cloth type. You want one that is more linen like and you are going to want to put
a lot of generous amount of powder sugar on it. You would turn the cake out to that and
you roll with the towel. Okay we need to take a towel, we would use this side and sprinkle
it generously with powder sugar. It needs a lot so make sure it is very very coated.
Then we would take our cake and we would turn it out onto the pan like so. Let’s make sure
that we get it straight like that and then we are going to go ahead and roll our cake
up in our towel just like that. Place our yule log on a cooling rake. We are going to
go ahead and let this completely cool. Once it has cooled, we would slowly unroll it add
our filling and roll it back up.