Hi beauties! Welcome back to a new video I’m in the airport now, and I’m traveling with Caroline to Switzerland If you don’t already know that or if you’re new here I’m half Swiss and I lived for a period in my life in Switzerland it’s now 2:10 am and honestly I’m so tired because I didn’t sleep yet so I’m happy I’ll sleep on the plane now so I’m traveling with my MCM bag this is from a collaboration with Japanese brand called Bape and this is my Halm bag, I always have it with me when traveling and now I put my laptop is in this bag and it’s so practical and cool so we arrived to Zurich it’s now about 7:15 am my friend from school came and picked us up I’ve known her for so long, since the school days in Switzerland anyways now we’re going home I’m not so tired because I slept well on the flight I slept for at least 5 hours and yeah I just want to shower and chill so I was just telling Caroline that oh God now we have to do the laundry and iron our clothes by ourselves because we’re alone here, and we’re not in Lebanon so Giada my friend said that she feels it’s calming when she does her laundry so I told her if you feel that calm when doing the laundry, come do our laundry so we arrived home what is she saying? Hey y’all! So yesterday I didn’t continue filming We were so tired so we just chilled it’s now about 1 pm We are going to Migros which it a supermarket it’s so nice, I don’t know why I only love to go grocery shopping in Switzerland so we are going to buy groceries for the house because the house is empty it has been a while since we last came here Once in my school days, I was in Migros buying a bread for my lunch break I put it in the bag, and I didn’t know that the bag was torn so it fell on the floor so now I’m extra aware Hey y’all! so yesterday my battery went off early and I didn’t film anything but we did a lot of stuff that we also did in these vlogs when we came here last year in November when we came to Switzerland we went shopping, coffee shops, restaurants so if you didn’t watch my Switzerland vlogs I will put them in the description box below to be able to watch them Today is Sunday, and honestly we’re in such a chill mode so I thought before leaving the house, I would show you what I bought yesterday I put on Instagram stories that I bought new boots and a lot of you asked me to show you what I got, so I’m going to do that The shop is called Grieder in Bahnhofstrasse and it basically has a several brands and I got something from Fendi I don’t think Fendi has a shop in Zurich I don’t know, anyways this shop has a lot of brands so it’s very convenient Here it is! anyways so here I have the bags to put the shoes in Look at them Look how beautiful so they were expensive I thought about it, I don’t have boots for this season Fall/Winter Like a really nice boots that I really like and i know that this will last me years, if not more so they won’t be damaged easily, quality is amazing black, I won’t get bored of them they go with everything and they’re chunky now chunky boots are so trendy unlike last year when simple boots where trendy now this year and this season, the bulky shoes are so trendy I’m not sure if I’m saying it correct in arabic as in bigger than my feet you understood what I meant The first try on is usually hard to get it because they’re not loose yet but the more you wear it, the easier it gets to get them in Guess who’s driving for the first time in Switzerland Caroline: Nato Yes this is my first time driving in Switzerland I left Switzerland when I was 17 years old so I didn’t do a driving license but now I have the international driving license from Lebanon so I can drive here, and this is my first time driving here so Caroline will be my police and will make sure to tell me if I do something wrong because here it’s so different from Lebanon, you can’t drive as you wish, right and left there are rules rules that I must follow so yeah, let’s go I forgot the most important thing I’m driving on 30, we can’t drive on more nor less we’re moving as a turtle Caroline: Turn on the flash I did We came to MacDonald’s We’re eating a small meal for not to be full because we have dinner tonight on the counter there was a girl who watches my videos so if you’re watching now, hi it was very nice meeting you I don’t know why but MacDonald’s in Switzerland is the best in the world Wherever I go I don’t like eating MacDonald’s Only in Switzerland So we were are my uncle’s and now we are going to the cinema! Who’s excited! Oh also, my cousin was trying to teach me on TikTok Forget about it! Who created this app! Noway! I tried about 3 times but it didn’t work out with me but I’m going to be patient I’m going to become the master of it, Inshaallah! Yes yes.. its far.. not too far straight Bravo! Good Job! Hi Sherin! Lara say hi Now we’re going in to the movies, see you later! Caroline: Alligator Did you know that in the cinemas in Switzerland they pause the movie at half time for a 15 min break what do we call it in arabic? for 15 min in you want to go to the toilet or buy something to eat Caroline: Do you want something? Yes I do… I’m coming with you How cute you are! Write down in the comments section if you think that it’s nice to have a 15 min break at half time of the movie or not for me personally I think it’s nice, because before it started we just ate and we didn’t want popcorn but in these 15 min we went and bought popcorn and things, without missing out on the movie so let me know below so we just finished from watching the movie, it’s about 10 pm now and we’re going home to sleep, we’re so tired the movie was really nice actually Let me turn on the car, where are the keys? Good Morning! I don’t why I felt that most of the vlog is filmed in the car anyways, now we’re going out for lunch it’s still early, it’s not 12 pm yet but here in Switzerland people eat so early at 12 pm they have the lunch break in schools or at work at 12 pm they eat, imagine that then they go back to work so now we’re going to meet with Caroline’s friend she’s free at 12 pm so we’re going from the break of dawn to have lunch this is the only thing that I didn’t understand when I lived here in Switzerland why do they eat that early I had to and I got used to eating at 12, 12:15 pm but.. no, I don’t like to so now we’re going to stop and get coffee because we didn’t wake up yet Guys I’m so excited for coffee Caroline: it’s good like that, not bad Caroline: Take that this is 20 franc just in case you were wondering how it looks like Caroline: Natalie move ♫ I’m now able to change your name ♫ ♫ and call you ‘my love’ ♫ ♫ from now on ♫ ♫ from now on you’re mine ♫ ♫ from now on ♫ the best thing is having a blanket because it’s so cold We came to a very cute restaurant and we’re going to have a Fondue, if you don’t know what it is, it is something very Swiss made of cheese In Switzerland we are known for our cheese and with our cows so we came home and we chilled because we were so tired and I’m honestly still tired, Caroline was able to sleep, but I was editing the vlog so I wasn’t able to sleep I want to fix my make up a little bit before we go to the dinner I will apply loose powder I will apply a bronzer from MAC The light is so bad and a little bit blush nose contouring what else MAC highlighter when I’m tired as now or when I’m not loving my look as now I love to apply a really dark or really light lipstick I feel like it takes all the focus from the face and keeps the focus on the lips, like that no one will notice that you’re tired try it and let me know Let is loose or tie it? Okay Caroline: Show me your lips Nat Caroline: Do like that Why? Caroline: When I apply lipstick there seems to be a lot of difference between the two guys you won’t believe how cold it is so when you go to a restaurant you have to know that you have to find a parking before and if you didn’t find a parking on the street and you’re not lucky enough you have to go park in a parking house and walk a lot there’s no valet as in Lebanon but it’s fine I’m not nagging, I’m just telling you I’m making you ready if you want to visit Switzerland Life is not so easy but beautiful Of course you saw on my instagram that there are these scooters now in Switzerland that you find through an application and if you find one on the streets you can ride it and you can go anywhere in Zurich and when you arrive you can just park them and leave so now we want to go have dessert in a place that’s a little bit far and we parked the car far from here so we thought we would take the scooters and go to the dessert place so we found the first one and now I’m searching for mine there’s a few in this area Caroline please do a demonstration for us we found one here Come on, Let’s go! Good bye! So you know that I’m learning Spanish in Lebanon and my friend here speaks spanish because she’s from the Dominican Republic so we had a conversation in spanish then the waitress joined us in spanish she thought I was fluent in spanish she thought I was from Colombia and I speak spanish perfectly I swear she thought that I speak spanish perfectly In Switzerland your eyes must be open 100% while driving, unlike in Lebanon you can drive for fun she must be focused so now whatever I do, she couldn’t look at me stay focused on the street Why are you looking at me! Look in front of you!! you will make an accident or we’ll receive a fine for 200 or 300 franc hey y’all! so we came to have breakfast we’re having Gipfeli which means croissant I ordered mine with chocolate, Yummy! Caroline: where is it? Nat: it was down Caroline: catch it and throw it Nat: no not me! Nat: you’re more powerful Caroline: No I can’t So today morning, I wake up then go downstairs to the salon I find this I find this huge spider Caroline: I have a phobia Natalie Yes Caroline but you’re older than me Caroline: but I won’t kill it, you will, I am scared of them Nat: we won’t kill it We will only remove it from the house Caroline: then you remove it ♫ This love, it’s been far too long ♫ ♫ and now I feel as if I’m in a dream ♫ guys, we ate a lot and now we need to sleep we wanted also to go ice skating but we won’t be able to ice skate because we are so tired guys look how nice, there’s a parking just for ladies directly in front of the door Priority Together: It started to rain alright guys so I’m ending the vlog now Inshaallah you liked it wait for part 2 of my Switzerland vlog and most probably we won’t be in Zurich, we will visit other cities and we will show you how beautiful Switzerland is so don’t forget to like and subscribe of you liked the video Caroline: Subscribe and like and if you love Caroline, write a comment that you love Caroline I love you all